"In Timmins Ontario, during the winter we constantly deal with snow and slush being tracked into our store. Over several years this had made our ceramic tile floor look dirty and on occasion if wet it can become very slippery.

When i was approached by Steve McGowan from Slip No More Canada I was somewhat sceptical about the claims of this product. Steve asked me if he could do a small demonstration. He told me to pick an area of the store that i felt may be difficult to clean. I chose an area where we had moved some islands. There was quite a noticeable difference between the darkened tile due to floor traffic and a clean tile area that had a fixture on it for years. The cleaning agent removed the dark stain from the stained tile that our flock scrubber could not. After the tile was cleaned he applied the "Slip No More Canada" product to the cleaned area. Steve then asked me to slide my shoe over the treated area. My shoe would not slide. He then sprayed water on an untreated tile and asked me to slide my shoe. My shoe slipped very easily. This small demonstration sold me on the product.

I asked Steve from "Slip No More Canada" to schedule the cleaning and the Anti Slip Treatment for the entrance and exit areas as well as the areas around the front cash area.

This cleaning and treatment was performed overnight. When i arrived at the store the following morning it looked like a new floor.

Last year we had no slip and falls on the treated area. The product works and looks fantastic."

Raymond Pilon

Associate Dealer

Canadian Tire Timmins

"We have had Slip No More do a number of large and small projects within our Retirement Homes and we have been very pleased with the products and the exceptional customer service provided. We can attest to the improved safety and the reduction of risk that the Slip No More products offer, and we would easily recommend their services to others."

Clarke S.Boddy Vice President, Seniors Living Steeves & Rozema Group

"I have always found Stephen to be completely reliable and the work is done well. In our nursing home his staff works well with the team members at the home and they are respectful of the schedules and of theresidents - a positive experience."

Jane Zoeger Vice President Long Term Care S&R Nursing Homes Ltd.

"Product works fantastic! I would certainly recommend it to anyone in the service industry. Thank you!"

George Stathis Skeeters Pub & Grill

"There are dozens of floor treatment products on the market & I have tested many of them in the course of my more than 30 years years of employment in the insurance industry. Two products that I do not hesitate to recommend as superior in performance are "Slip-No-More" and "Grip & Shine".

Joseph J. Smith
Regional Loss Control Manager (emeritus),
Aetna Casualty & Surety Co.
Corporate Risk/Loss Prevention Manager (emeritus)
Merchants Insurance Group

"It is my opinion that the application of these products should reduce slip and falls. This should reduce commercial insurance premiums as well. Commercial policies are judgement rated. Specifically, this means that there is subjectivity in the rating process. Normally, the carrier is allowed to use credits to reward any improvement of the risk. This also would apply to loss control steps taken."

River City Insurance, Inc., A.L.A. Bryanton, CPCU, CLU, CIC, ChFC

"I have since had it applied to all of my restaurants in the dining room, washrooms and kitchen and have found it completely effective in all areas. We haven't had a slip and fall since we had it applied."

Peter Buckley Director of Operations - McDonalds Restaurants of Sarnia