Social Responsibilities

At Slip No More we aim to assist our communities and get involved in upliftmnent projects. At present, we are sponsors of the following establishments and work well with the management of them.

  • Chamelia House

  • Resthaven Ministries

  • Douglasdale SAPS

Should you require our products at your charity, please send a brief description of your requirements to and we will review your request. In a perfect world we would like to assist everyone in need but tthe reality is that we are simply not able to help everyone.

Dear Dean, FIRST of all Many, Many Happy Returns of the day, may you be blessed for many years to come.

On behalf of MANAGEMENT and RESIDENTS and STAFF of Camelia House, we wish to express our gratitude and appreciation for supplying 2nd hand Microwave various groceries and gas for the heater. Your support and assistance is greatly appreciated.

Yours Faithfully and God Bless, Resthaven Ministries

Dear Slip No More

On behalf of the Management of Resthaven and residents of Camelia House, we thank you for your support and assistance by paying the repairs on the Fridge and Microwave that was at in for repair in Rosettenville. Thank you once again for assisting our Senior Citizens.

Yours Faithfully and God Bless, Resthaven Ministries