Slips & Falls Stories

Posted by Mary W.

While in the cement floored warehouse loading 50 pound bags, I slipped. I came crashing down. The 50 lb bag I was handling landed on me and my right leg. I screamed. A year later, I had ligament transplant surgery to replace the ACL I tore that day on a slippery floor. One fall says it all!

Posted by Brent M.

I was working at a fast food restaurant. I was carrying bun trays into the freezer where the floor is metal and there were raised plastic pieces where food was kept to keep it off the ground. One of them fell to the center. My foot hit it. I tried to move it out of the way with my foot so as not to trip. The opposite foot slid from the moisture buildup on the floor and I fell to the ground on my lower back. After 3 months of WCB and physical therapy, I went back to work. That was 4 years ago when I was 18. I’m 22 now and forever I will have severe lower back problems.

Posted by Anastasia S.

I work at a popular quick serve restaurant, and when we make sandwiches, we have to cut some of the bread on the spot. I was cutting some bread and twisted my feet to talk to someone, but they slid backwards, forcing my hand with the blade forward into my hand holding the bread. The serrated blade cut halfway into my finger, and I had to go to the emergency room and get four stitches. To make it worse, this happened on Halloween. At least I was a witch and not a zombie!

Posted by Rewel R.

I work in the meat department for a major grocer. One day I was running around and there was water on the floor, which was always there. I knew it was there but we worked in it all the time. However, this day would prove to be different. I was carrying a pan of meat to the rack when all of a sudden I feel/hear a pop in my leg and next thing I know I'm looking up at the lights on the ceiling. The paramedics came and carried me off to the hospital. Just from a little puddle of water I tore my medial retinaculum in my right knee, resulting in three months off from work and ten weeks of physical therapy.

Posted by Nathan J.

I worked at a fast food chicken joint during high school. So much grease built up on my shoes on a daily basis that it would eat away holes in the sole. On one of the days I had trash duty, I was carrying a load of garbage down the stairs to the dumpster when my shoes slipped. I came crashing down the stairs and cracked my head open. No stitches, but there was a lot of blood and a lot of garbage. I had to clean up both.

Posted by Allison J.

I was 3 months pregnant with my daughter and was walking around a corner in our kitchen. We have tile floors and I was wearing basic white tennis shoes. I went down hard! That was it. I purchased a pair of Shoes For Crews the next day. I have not fallen since then and my daughter is now 15. I have been working in the restaurant business for almost 24 years. I will not wear anything but shoes for crews! They are the best and most comfortable slip proof shoe!

Posted by Matthew K.

I work in a food processing plant. My coworker was leaving for the night and as he was leaving, I was walking the other way towards the plant. I went through a couple of rooms and ended up slipping, my feet flying up in the air and landing on my back with my head hitting the floor. I got up and felt dizzy. I immediately grabbed my cell phone to call him, thinking I would catch him before he left or got too far. When he answered, he was almost home! I had hit my head hard enough to black out, and that was my final straw. I ordered Shoes For Crews the next day and have enjoyed the safe feeling they give me while walking around the facility!

Posted by Jacquelyn D.

4 years ago I was making my usual rounds of the kitchen in the afternoon to make sure everything was clean when my feet slid out from under me and I fell flat of my back with my head bouncing off the cement floor. An employee had poured floor cleaner directly on the floor without diluting it with water. I was knocked unconscious and when I came to I had one assistant manager yelling at the employee and the employee yelling back at her and the other assistant manager yelling at both of them. That was one scary day. I still have problems with memory because of this fall.

Posted by Tara G.

I just have learned working at a prison it’s important to have non slip floors or shoes. In the last three weeks I have seen and watched two employees slip and fall and hurt themselves. It's not worth it. If you buy these slip-resistant shoes now, it's far cheaper in the very long run to prevent an injury.

Posted by Luis A.

I have worked in a fast food chain for about 8 years and have never witnessed anything like I witnessed a week ago. 2 older ladies were preparing food in the back of the house. I walk by to grab an item from the freezer and as walk out the door hits the water sink so hard that it caused it to leak. There about 20 or 30 gallons coming our way. One of the ladies instantly fell and hit her head on a rack. The other lady slipped down hard and hit the table where she was preparing food and chips one tooth and lost another tooth. I didn’t know exactly what happened considering I was the only one standing! By the way - thank you Shoes For Crews!! Wear them!!!!!!

Posted by Trevor R.

At my first "real" kitchen job, I was working the pizza station at an Italian restaurant in Ypsilanti, MI. We made our own baguettes and our own dough as well in the basement of the restaurant. There was a cooler down there where we kept the baguettes before proofing and baking them. There was a massive leak one day and the basement flooded. Someone had to brave the flood and get the baguettes, and of course I was the youngest at the time so I didn't have much choice. I wanted to be quick so I moved pretty fast. My hands were full with three sheet trays of baguettes, so I closed the walk-in door with my foot. During that spinning motion I slipped and all of the baguettes hit the floor and I went down with them. It’s about this time I realized just how disgusting the liquid was. I went upstairs, covered from head to toe. My chef looks at me and says, "Oh yeah, by the way, the flood was from a sewage back-up. We have to close for the night." So, I was completely covered in guest and co-worker excrement. I have never showered so long in my whole life. I couldn't get clean enough. I wish I knew about anti slip treatments back then.

Posted by Brian M.

While working for a very well known pizza restaurant, I was required to wear non-slip shoes, which I purchased from One day on my way to work, I stepped in a large puddle which soaked my shoes. Rather than wait for them to dry, I decided to wear my tennis shoes instead. Well, this was a huge mistake. About an hour into my shift, a co-worker spilled oil on the floor and was too busy to clean it up right away. The store was slammed, as it usually was on Friday nights, and I rushed around a corner to answer a telephone. Due to my carelessness, the oil on the floor and not having worn my safety shoes, I slipped in the oil and landed flat on my back. I was in so much pain that I was unable to get to my feet for about ten minutes, which was very embarrassing. Finally, I was able to get up and get to the doctor. Though I sustained no serious injury, I had to take a week off of work and suffer the embarrassment of having fallen in front of my coworkers and the guilt of having made them rearrange their schedules to cover for the shifts I was unable to work. If I could do it all over again, I would have worn my safety shoes.

Posted by Jason F.

I was a salad boy at my first job. At this restaurant, I filled a salad bar with dressings, lettuce, tomatoes, and all of the other things that a normal salad bar consists of. One day, I had spilled some Italian dressing on the floor. This floor was notorious for being very slippery from just a little bit of moisture. As I went to get a mop to clean it, a waitress came around the corner without slip resistant shoes and slipped on the Italian dressing. Her feet went out from below her and she came down and tried to catch herself as she hit the floor. It broke her left arm. Moral of the story: Wear slip resistant shoes, keep your salad bar clean, and have a mop and bucket on hand.

Posted by Stephanie W.

I started working at major retail store when I was 17 years old. They started me out as a cashier, and I had to work the last shift of the day. We were about to close the store. So, they had me go outside and bring in the carts from the parking lot. It had been raining all day that day. So when I came back inside the floors were wet from people coming in and out of the store all day and my shoes were obviously wet from walking through water to get carts. We made last call and had a woman come to my register with a few things and she was talking on her cell phone. She had put a 60 lb bag of cat food on the counter upside-down to where I had to pick it up so I could scan it, which I had no problem with. When I picked it up I ended up slipping and falling and breaking my ankle. Needless to say I was out of work for a month hobbling around on crutches because they didn't make us were slip resistant shoes.

Posted by Jamie H.

I was mopping the floor while my restaurant was not busy. After about 3 minutes, I look over and see a line out the door. All excited, I run over to help and slipped in front of everybody. Not just a slip, but I fell all the way down to the ground. Uniform wet, I am wet, and everyone saw it happen.

Posted by Vaughn S.

I went into the freezer yesterday at work to get a box of bread. I slipped on the floor and tried to grab the shelf for support and ended up pulling two other boxes down on top of me. They fell on my arm. I now have two hurt knees and one hurt arm, and I still have to go to work tomorrow.

Posted by Claus S.

I am an early morning route sales delivery salesman. My route brings me into all different kinds of businesses from the large box stores, supermarkets to your mom and pop stores. While making a delivery to a diner on my route, I am required to check product stock stored in their cold stone basement, which means I have to descend steep, old wood steps that are often covered with food preparation items splattered on the each of the steps landings from the kitchen above. The steps are extremely slippery and on more than one occasion my feet have come out from under me as I try to catch myself on a railing also covered in food slime.

Posted by Lynn H.

Years ago I was working and went in the back of the restaurant by the dishwasher. I slipped like I was on an ice skating rink and fell on my butt and back. But if you know who I am I got up like nothing happened. I never moved that fast. Learned my lesson real quick. Safety shoe bound I was. That will never happen again. Thank goodness I was only sore for a week or two. Just remember two butts are better than one......I had padding on my butt...... just call me Bertha..hahhaha.....

Posted by Jody Y.

Several months ago I was working the dish machine when I slipped. We were shorthanded and I was working the machine alone at the time. I had just loaded it and went to grab some more plates and bowls from the counter when my foot went out from under me. Now, I was suffering from lower back pain already, so when I was going down two thoughts came to mind: one, oh no my back is going to hurt like heck! And two, careful don't hit your head on the side. I managed to keep from smacking my head hard, but I landed just below my tailbone. Well, a server had seen me go down and came over to help me up, but I was worried about additional pain and made sure to get up slowly. As I got up, I prepared myself to start wincing, but that never happened. However I fell, it managed to reset the bone that had been causing my back pain! I am no longer suffering from it and now I tell myself, "Why didn't I slip on that cucumber slice before?"

Posted by David M.

For 5 years I worked nights at a local 24 hour store. One night in early winter I decided to go out for lunch. I walked out to my car. There wasn't any snow yet but it was very cold out. When I returned I parked in the same spot and was walking back in when I slipped on a patch of black ice. It happened so quickly I had no time to react. I ended up doing the splits in the worst way. I knew I had hurt my leg but I was still able to walk on it so I figured I'd be ok. It wasn't long before the muscles along the back of my leg began to swell and hurt very badly. I managed to work my shift and finally got to go home. I painfully got into my car then realized I couldn't drive because my leg hurt so much. I called my wife but she wasn't able to come and get me. With no other choice I shifted around until I was able to position my left leg in such a way that I could work the gas and brake with it instead of my right leg. Talk about a long, scary and painful drive home. My leg eventually got better but my new fear of icy parking lots got worse. Right away I started searching for better shoes and that's when I found anti slip treatments for floors.

Posted by Gary H.

Winter time a few years ago in Michigan. It was freezing outside, so about 20 minutes before my shift was up at work, I went outside to start my car. I got half way to my car and I was down taking a nasty fall on the pavement covered in ice. I was down on the ice with no jacket on; just jeans and a t-shirt. I could not stand up. Little did I know at the time I had pulled multiple ligaments in my ankle. With nobody around, I had to Army crawl all the way back into the building a good 200 feet. By the time I got back inside my arms were 100% numb. Luckily there was a phone in the lobby, so I was able to call for help from there. My dad picked me up from work and took me to the ER. I was laid up for 6 weeks. I always remember to wear a jacket since that day.