Care Facility

Hospitals • Nursing Homes • Long Term Care • Retirement Living

Facilities designed for the care, treatment and well-being of its clients, including the safety of the staff and visitors, are faced with the need to provide a safe, accessible environment. Adopting practices that will support systematic and consistent approaches to providing quality care, also requires specific attention to their floors.

Many staff, patients/residents and visitors are injured annually due to falls on walking and working surfaces. These injuries account for a significant percentage of lost-time injuries, as well as pain and suffering, and sometimes even death. It is important to understand how slips and falls happen; how to identify hazards and how to eliminate or minimize these hazards.

  • Each year there are about 17,000 lost-time injuries due to falls in the workplace.

  • 65% of fall-related injuries are from "same level".

  • One in five lost time injuries result from falls.