‘Slip No More Canada’ entered the Canadian market in the late 2000’s with a new, revolutionary and safe-to-handle product which prevents slips and falls on wet surfaces. ‘Slip No More’ is so effective that we guarantee its efficacy for up to 4 years!

Due to the increasing number of slips and falls and the escalating cost of claims, insurance underwriters worldwide will be shortly removing the inclusion of coverage for slips and falls in standard home and business insurance policies and, instead, adding it as a surcharge similar to coverage for earthquakes, hurricanes, floods etc. You, as a homeowner or business owner, will either accept the surcharge and thereafter be covered for any future liability should someone slip and fall at your premises; or you will refuse the surcharge and face the grave, financial consequences when someone slips and falls at your place of business or home and you are sued. Sadly, many people will lose their homes or businesses should they fail to have proper ‘Slip and Fall’ coverage.

“Our legal environment [in Canada] is following U.S. trends to an ever-increasing degree. Members of the public in Canada are now much more likely to sue when they trip, slip or fall – and injure themselves on your premises. And Canadian courts are proving more willing to make findings of negligence against businesses and award more compensation to injured parties.” Aviva Insurance Canada document.

If you decide to accept the surcharge for the coverage on slips and falls and therefore be protected against any future liability against such slips and falls, you will be required to engage an insurance industry, approved company (such as ‘Slip No More Canada’) to apply their insurance industry-endorsed, anti-slip product on your floors in order to be granted the ‘slip and fall’ coverage. (If you purchase and apply our product yourself, then you would likely be required by your insurance company to record and document the application of the anti-slip treatment.)

Slip No More Canada will send you a ‘Slip No More Anti-Slip Certificate’ after we have concluded our application on your floors. Simply submit the certificate to your insurance company in order to guarantee your liability coverage. In the meantime, until slips and falls are excluded from standard insurance coverage, you should demand a reduction in insurance fees from your insurance provider (with our Slip No More Canada Certificate) due to the fact that the chances of slips and falls on your floors has been drastically reduced.

With the overwhelming success of ‘Slip No More’ (see our ‘testimonials’ tab), we put our chemists to work on other, until now, unthinkable solutions to everyday, 21st century challenges. Have a look at our patented products below:

  • Deodorizer to eliminate – and not simply temporarily masque - smells from garbage dumpsters and chutes in apartment buildings; urine smell from dogs, cats and humans; foul smells in cars

  • Anti-slip for cement surfaces which could lead to more of our highways being built with longer lasting cement rather than pavement which tends to be easily pot-holed

  • Anti-graffiti product which, when applied, protects against future tagging. Rain or a garden hose will wash away any future tags.

  • Before you apply our anti-graffiti product, eliminate any existing tags with our ant-graffiti remover.

  • Slip No More for your porcelain bathtub or shower. Children or the elderly will have little chance of slipping once the DIY kit is applied.

  • Our degreaser which has no equal for cleaning floors and bringing tiles back to their original brilliance. See our ‘testimonial’ section for comments about this product from hardware retailers.

  • Sealant for granite and marble countertops. Why spend the money on expensive countertops when they will be easily stained? Our sealant protects against any stains – guaranteed!